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HPS Schönox

Lifelong commitments make the Difference.

Schönox was founded over 120 years ago in Germany and is active in over 20 countries worldwide. Here in North America, the marketing, support, and business development of Schönox is led by Thomas Trissl, no stranger to the flooring industry. Thomas founded Centiva in 1996 developing the business for 17 years before selling the company to flooring-powerhouse Tarkett. Soon thereafter, Thomas formed HPS North America, and alongside Schönox, began bringing its products to the North American market under the name HPS Schönox. He understood the profound need for strong subflooring solutions in the industry. The relationship with Schönox was hardly a new one. Thomas and his family’s flooring installation business in Germany have used Schönox products for many decades.
Schönox and Thomas Trissl share a commitment to the flooring industry and the relationships that make things happen. There is a clear difference between making a statement and delivering on a promise. Schönox has built its brand name internationally by delivering on its promises on a daily basis. Similarly, Thomas has built his reputation by valuing each relationship as a partnership and an opportunity for businesses to grow together.

Now, Schönox and Thomas are reaching out across North America to further distribution and in depth support for Schönox products. The focus on North America is all the more appropriate for Thomas given that he established Centiva’s manufacturing in the US at a time when the industry norm was movement to overseas production. These days with Schönox are feeling a lot more like an entrepreneurial start-up company, albeit with a 100 plus year old company supporting every move. The opportunities have never been greater.

HPS North America headquartered in Florence, Alabama.

About Schönox

Schönox manufacturers the highest quality primers & moisture mitigation systems, repair products, floor leveling compounds, adhesives, and water proofing materials. A large research and development team is always at work developing solutions to the most challenging subfloor issues.
The success of Schönox is measured each day by the ability of each product to meet a customer’s need. In North America, HPS Schönox is introducing the products, managing distribution, and providing wide ranging technical support in the field.

While Schönox may be a new name in North America, the company is over 120 years old and active in twenty countries. Our product solutions are finding strong success in all facets of the flooring industry, with answers to subfloor issues that until now would have been answered with more costly and time consuming options.



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